About Me

About This Site

Before I decided to open my first massage business, I had no money, I was in debt, and I had nothing except a great business plan and a whole lot of passion. I applied for a loan  in a bank but unfortunately, they turned me down.

Because of my enthusiasm at the age of 35 to start a spa business in my hometown of Monterey, California, I worked hard for three years and saved enough for a down payment on my own studio.  But this site is not about my journey to become a businessman.  It’s a site that helps people in the same situation I was in, people who are close to starting their own business.  People with more passion than business knowledge.

SmartStorageBlog.com is an idea I had, about how we destroy ourselves with bad energy.  We need to be smarter about how we store and use energy, about how we exchange and replace positive with negative, negative with positive.

About Me

I graduated from the California School of Massage Therapy 12 years after I received my business degree in financing.  I want to show other people who are passionate about starting a similar business that it can be done.  Working the bad jobs just to get the money together to get your start on the the dream…

I live with two cats and a parakeet in the suburbs in Monterey.  I go surfing on the weekend–it’s my favorite thing in the world besides running this business.  Here’s a picture of me surfing:

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